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don't go breakin' our hearts

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Welcome to the qties. Here are the rules. Read them and follow them. Do NOT post here expecting nice happy little comments, you're not going to get them.

1. After you join post your pictures. Please refrain from blurry or shots that do not show your face.

2. Links are not allowed, if you post a link to your picture, you will get warned to fix it, if you do not fix it immediatly your post will be deleted.

3. More than 2 pictures, or larger pictures get in an lj-cut. If you do not know how to please refer to the faq here.

4. Wait and get rated on, this is all in fun, do not take any comments personally. Once a certain amount of votes have been made you will get stamped. Only Mods can stamp you. If you are an accepted member you CANNOT stamp, that is the mods job.

5. Being rude to members while you are in the process of being judged is not allowed. The same goes with when you are a member. We will not tolerate it. You will be banned.

6. Once you have been stamped you can make a stamped post once a week, make sure you put that you are stamped.

7. If you get a rejection stamp you cannot post here again, unless you have permission from a mod.

8. Once you are stamped you must go to qties_members and post the link where your stamp is. Once you do this you will be added to the accepted members list.

You cannot break these rules, once you do, you will be warned, if you break them again you will be immediately banned.

The maintainer is m1dtown
and your mod is _pinkgl0ss

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